A CRISPR Link Roundup

A bunch of CRISPR links!

Here are some of the most fascinating CRISPR articles I came across this week:

Using CRISPR to develop a cutaneous leishmaniasis vaccine

Drug Target Review reports on a novel vaccine being developed with CRISPR tech to protect against Leishmania.

Using CRISPR to fight antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’

The Genetic Literacy Project explains how CRISPR helped researchers uncover a novel pathway in an antibiotic called malonomycin.

CRISPR screening identifies human host pathways that facilitate coronavirus infection

A CRISPR screen helps to identify host factors involved in COVID-19, News Medical reports.

Better Buy: CRISPR Therapeutics vs. Editas Medicine

The Motley Fool tells you which CRISPR stocks are hot right now.

CRISPR/Cas9 May Be Better Than Gene Therapy at Increasing FIX Activity

Hemophilia News Today report how gene editing with CRISPR may be superior to traditional gene therapy specifically when treating hemophilia.