CRISPR Companies You Should Know About

Here we showcase some of the unique CRISPR companies

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Here are some unique companies that are using CRISPR to make revolutionary products (in no particular order).

Synthetic Genomics with ExxonMobil

Synthetic Genomics is an American company that was founded by Craig Venter and Hamilton Smith in 2005. Synthetic Genomics is collaborating with ExxonMobil to engineer algae biofuels with the use of CRISPR editing. Researchers from Synthetic Genomics were able to develop algal strains using CRISPR with oil content that was increased by 20% or more compared to the original algae strain. These algae biofuels could be used one day to provide fuel for aeroplanes, cars, etc. ExxonMobil has suggested that they can make 10,000 barrels of algae biofuel a day by 2025.

eGenesis Bio

eGenesis Bio aims to tackle organ shortages with the use of CRISPR. eGenesis is an American company that was founded in 2015 by Dr George Church and Dr Luhan Yang. They are working towards making animal organs compatible with humans for transplantation. The researchers will be doing this by removing the risk of cross-species viral transmission and preventing organ rejection. The main programme for eGenesis is the development of kidneys that are suitable for transplantation, this programme is currently in the preclinical phase right now. They are also working on islet cells, liver, heart, lungs and cell therapies.

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Pairwise is an American company that was formed in 2017 by Drs David Liu, Keith Joung, Feng Zhang, Haven Baker, and Tom Adams. Pairwise is an agricultural company that is using CRISPR to make foods tastier and healthier. The researchers are finding ways to alter the veggie/fruit size, yield, nutrient content, shelf-life and disease-resistance in crops. Pairwise are currently trying to develop novel breeds of raspberries and blackberries and are hoping that these new breeds will hit the supermarket shelves in the future. This type of technology will revolutionise the agricultural industry forever.


SNIPR Biome is a Danish startup that was co-founded by Christian Grøndahl, Morten Sommer, and Jasper Clube in 2017. SNIPR Biome is using CRISPR-Cas technology to target and remove specific pathogenic bacteria to treat infections and diseases that are usually hard to treat because of antibiotic resistance. This would be conducted in such a way so that the beneficial bacteria of the human microbiome are not impacted. The usage of CRISPR technology to remove pathogenic bacteria is a novel idea and could be a very promising antibiotic therapy in the future.